DNA Ladder Step 100 50 ug


The 100 bp StepUp ™ DNA ladder contains 10 bands of double-stranded DNA fragments ranging from 100 to 1000 bp with an increase in the size of 100 bp. They are suitable for sizing DNA fragments generated by PCR, restriction digestion, etc., separated on an agarose gel. The 600 bp and 1000 bp bands are marked as reference points for easy detection.


  • Concentration: 0.5 μg / μL
  • Gel type: agarose
  • Quantity: 100 μL DNA Ladder, 1 ml 10X Sample Loading Buffer, 100 Applications
  • Gel compatibility: Agarose gel
  • No. of reactions: 100 Applications
  • Shipping condition: Approved for shipping at room temperature or on dry ice
  • Technology: Chromatography-purified individual DNA fragments
  • Green features: Sustainable packaging
  • Product type Specifications: DNA ladder
  • Ready to load: No
  • Size range: 100 bp-2000 bp
  • Volume (metric): 100 µL
  • Sample loading volume: 1ml

Highlights of the 100 bp DNA ladder:

Crisp, clear bands – Chromatographically purified fragments for consistent and reliable results
• Convenient – Supplied with 10X Bluejuice gel loading buffer for monitoring sample DNA migration
• Accurate: an exact amount of DNA in each band

Product use

The double-stranded DNA ladder can be visualized on 1-2% agarose gels after staining with ethidium bromide or SYBR Safe. The ladder is designed with a uniform intensity of DNA bands for a clear view of each band. An exact amount of DNA in each band allows approximate quantification of DNA samples.

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